5 Easy Steps to Avoid Plaque

Don’t you just hate plaque? It’s ugly and it causes tooth decay, among many dental diseases. If you tried running your tongue over the surface of your teeth and feel a slimy coating, that’s plaque. Don’t let the fuzzy sensation fool you; it’s a buildup of bacteria. If you let it stick around for a long while, you can look forward a wide variety of oral health issues.

So how can you stop the buildup of plaque? Here are five easy ways that you can follow to prevent plaque and save your teeth and gums from disease.

1. Never forget to brush your teeth every day.

It cannot be emphasized enough: Always brush your teeth. While doing it once a day is good, you can never go wrong if you do it twice or three times daily. With fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush, brushing can remove accumulated plaque as well as food lodged in the tight spaces between or around the teeth.

Always include your tongue and the inside walls of the mouth when brushing. These surfaces are breeding grounds for bacteria that cause tooth decay or gum disease.

2. Can’t reach into the tight spaces between the teeth? Floss!

The areas between the teeth can be problematic; it can be difficult to reach these areas with your toothbrush. So what’s your solution? Dental floss is the answer.

Flossing may not a favorite thing to do by many but it is really helpful at dislodging food particles, which are breeding ground for bacteria. When you floss regularly, it can contribute significantly to your overall oral health.

3. Don’t forget to use an antiseptic mouth rinse.

When it comes to having fresh breath, brushing and flossing won’t cut it. You need to use mouth rinse, as well. Notice that it’s mouth rinse, not mouthwash.

So what’s a mouth rinse for? Well, we’re talking about antiseptic mouth rinse, which is totally different from a mouthwash. Antiseptic mouth rinse kills bacteria in the mouth; the mouthwash is primarily designed to give a fresh-smelling feel.

Using an antiseptic mouth rinse, swish for about 30 seconds for at least twice day, after brushing your teeth.

4. Lay off the sugary or sticky stuff.

If there’s a particular food segment that you need to avoid, it would be the sugary and sticky one. Raisins, sticky candy and other sugary items are some of the most damaging to the teeth. They cling to the surface or between teeth, making it hard to remove them through brushing; this is why flossing is crucial to your overall oral hygiene.

When these sugary and sticky items are not removed, bacteria will feed on them. Over time, this can lead to plaque buildup and eventually tooth decay or gum disease.

5. See the dentist every six months.

Regular dental visits will mean early discovery of any oral health issue. With timely diagnosis comes early treatment, which means greater success in avoiding any serious dental problems.


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