Expert Testimony

Dr. Jay Grossman has several licenses, including the NERB, CA and Nevada exams, which allows him to opine in 42 states on the standard of care, with a specific license in Expert Certification in Florida.

He has reviewed more than 700 cases for malpractice, auto injury and peer review, averaging 52% for the plaintiff and 48% for the defense, and nearly 95% of his time is spent in patient care.

In addition, Dr. Grossman has been deposed more than 100 times and in Superior Court 50 times, never being disqualified. He is known as being ethical, competent, prepared and analytical, as well as articulate and persuasive at depositions and court appearances.

If you need expert testimony, please call to schedule a time to speak with Dr. Grossman at (310)820-0123.

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