Thank you so much for your remarkable service to those in need. In April of 2008, your office treated over 40 homeless children, performing 300 dental procedures valued at $60,000! Your kindness is a thing of grace and elegance. I was so moved by the diligent efforts and the remarkable sweetness that everyone put forth to strangers. This tells me that in fact, there are no strangers in the world here or abroad and that we must keep that knowledge close in our minds and hearts.
— Sharon Stone

I’ve had the honor of being a patient of Dr. Jay and his staff for the past 6 years. From the moment that I speak to the front desk to make an appointment through treatment and aftercare, my time at Dr. Jay’s is a pleasure. A dentist appointment is not fun. It is not my idea of how to rock out on a sunny afternoon but it is reassuring to be around professionals who are not only the best, but care the most as well. Everyone in the office works together to make my experience pleasant. The front office staff are kind and funny, Always making certain that my time is valued. Jay and his assistants are remarkable. They pay attention to every possible detail, making absolutely certain that my comfort, both physical and emotional, is attended to perfectly. My teeth are beautiful and I actually look forward to my dentist appointments.
— Michal

If you’re reading this and about to have a procedure, take a long, deep breath and relax…I first met Dr. Jay in the midst of an unpredictable dental emergency, which for me occurred as nothing short of an emotional tornado. Swept up in uncertainty, grace (through a friend’s recommendation) brought me to the doors of his practice. And just like that – my storm of fear vanished. I found safe harbor, sitting in Dr. Jay’s chair, listening to an extraordinary person whose honesty and sense of possibility evokes trust. Meeting Dr. Jay was a watershed experience. Being treated in the presence of his compassion and sensitivity, and that of the staff, there was no pain; certainty and gratitude are all I’ve ever felt. Beyond excellence in dentistry, Dr. Jay brings a stand for what’s possible for his patients in the areas of well being – and self expression. There’s a quiet intention to empower and inspire; it goes beyond a smile.
— Jane

I just wanted to thank you for giving me a reason to smile. That used to be something I was ashamed to do, but that was before I met you. A quick look at my “before and after” pictures confirms that you’re more than a great Dentist, you’re a miracle worker! Having a healthy smile has made me a happier person, and now my only problem is that my face is tired from smiling too much. And by the way, did I mention the benefits to my dating life? I could literally go on forever about how happy I am with my smile, but I’ve got a hot date. Thanks Dr. J
— Josh

Whenever I enter Dr. Jay Grossman’s office, I am immediately struck by the genuine warmth and friendship shown to me by the entire staff. Dr. Jay’s office is special. He has created an atmosphere of friendly warmth without compromising professionalism, proficiency or reliability. I always know I can count on Dr. J.
— Lazer

Just a quick note to thank you for bringing back my mom’s beautiful smile :) Your generosity has greatly improved her quality of life and I really can’t even begin to thank you enough. Also, please give your Homeless Not Toothless staff a big hug from me and tell them thank you for treating my mom with kindness, dignity, and’s not often she experiences that with new people and it meant the world to her. You have a fantastic group of people on your hands, keep them that way. I thought you might enjoy seeing her all gussied up for and SMILING at my wedding.
— Cristal

Today marks the date that I have 10 years of continuous sobriety. I have become sentimental in the days leading up to today. And I have given a lot of thought about how I got here, how all the broken parts of me somehow reassembled. In my first months of my recovery, you gave me the confidence to smile. And in so doing, you gave me my voice again. Your work allowed me to awaken the part of myself that spoke without caring about the shape of my mouth, the gaps in my teeth. I could focus on the words again. And I could be heard. The work you do so generously in Homeless Not Toothless is vital to people like me. It is immeasurable. You and everyone on your staff have always taken such great care of me and I am grateful. The fact that I am treated so well in both your practices, HNT and your private practice, speaks volumes about the integrity of you and your staff. When I reflect on the major moments of these years, how I managed to arrive to this place of peace, I realize now - it is the people of my life who brought me here. A small handful of people and you are among them. Thank you. Much love to you and everyone in your office.
— S.B.

Thank you so much for the brilliant job you did restoring my smile. I was a little frightened when you started the prep work because I knew there was no going back. There was no need to worry. The new teeth look completely natural. My smile is the best it has ever been. But your restoration was more than cosmetic – the feel and function of my bite is tremendously improved. I am very happy I went forward with the restorations. Thanks again for the patience, the reassurance, the gentleness, (it really was painless) and the very artful veneers.
— Steven

There are no other dental practitioners that I know, who take the time to honor a patient as a whole human being, not just as a “set of teeth”. Since 1991 Dr. Jay Grossman and Associates have taken my entire health profile into consideration. They listen and address my concerns always. I will continue to drive the 60 miles each way to see them because I’ll never find a more caring, talented professional dental team!
— Peggy

As a holistic health practitioner I feel great confidence when I refer my patients to Dr. Jay, that he will see not just their mouths and teeth but the whole person. As a patient I have always been a bit fearful of dentists. Dr. Jay helped me through the fear with competence and humor so I could end up with healthy, good-looking teeth. I am grateful.
— Diane